Meet the Girl Behind the Camera

Hi, I'm Ann!

I've spent almost 4 years obsessing over my cute husband, Tanner.

• We have the most loving and hilarious little girl named Scottie.

• I’ve spent 8 years behind a camera. The first 3 of those were primarily spent working for a cute little studio in SLC, and the last part has been spent running my own business.

• Editing & watching Money Heist (after Scottie is asleep) is my evening of choice.

• I currently live in Utah County and am moving to the Seattle area in a few months.

• My little family has a slight travel obsession.

In case you aren't bored yet and want a little more;)

• I have a goal to do a session in every state in the US and on every continent.

• So far I’ve had sessions in Utah, Washington, Idaho, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, California, Georgia, and a few cities in Italy. 

• I was born in Kentucky and grew up in South Carolina but my accent is gone now, so I might as well be from Utah.

• Most nights I can’t stay up past 10 and I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen until I was waaay older, so what’s that about?

• I almost always prefer to be barefoot.